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Workplace Investigations


Prompt | Thorough | Impartial

Complaints of harassment, discrimination and other sensitive and/or serious matters should be investigated in a prompt, thorough and unbiased manner. As an attorney with extensive experience in Human Resources I understand that minimizing disruption to your workplace is also important. Because I don't have the overhead costs of a large firm, I am able to provide expertise at a reasonable rate. To discuss your situation, call me for a no-cost initial consultation (971) 291-7672.

Other Legal Services


Agency Responses

Timeliness and accuracy are critical.

If you have received a complaint filed with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), I can request an extension of the response deadline (if needed) and prepare a formal written response on your behalf.

Employment Law Advice

Get help and recommendations, quickly.

An ever-growing number of Federal, State and local laws regulate the employment relationship. I can help you set up systems and processes for compliance. I can also provide advice and recommendations regarding serious, sensitive and/or complex employment-related situations.

Employment Advice & Assistance


Performance Management

Organization Policies and Employee Handbooks

Protected Leaves of Absence

ADA Reasonable Accommodations

Wage & Hour

Employee & Labor Relations

Need Training? Let's get it scheduled.

Unconscious Bias

Our subconscious minds can work in ways contrary to our goals of increasing diversity and inclusion. Learn strategies for overcoming unconscious bias.

Internal Investigations

Learn how to plan and conduct internal investigations that are effective, efficient and fair.

Harassment Prevention

The #metoo movement is here. Preventing harassment, discrimination and retaliation is critically important. Get your managers the training they need.


The reasonable accommodation process can be intimidating. Learn how to create a standard protocol for your organization to engage in the interactive process.

Protected Leaves

Learn about Federal and State protected leaves, how they overlap, and how to calculate leave eligibility in a variety of situations.


Personality type differences can make communication difficult. Improve team communication and relationships using either DiSC or Meyers-Briggs tools.

Bio - Lori Watson, Attorney at Law


  • Juris Doctorate - Willamette University College of Law
  • Master of Science - Healthcare Management - Oregon Health and Science University
  • Bachelor of Science, Social Science - Western Oregon University


  • Association of Workplace Investigators
  • Oregon State Bar

Specialized Training/Certification

  • Certificate Holder - Association of Workplace Investigators
  • T9 Mastered - Title IX Investigations Training
  • Unconscious Bias (Cook Ross)
  • Certified Meyers-Briggs Practitioner
  • DiSC Teambuilding

Work Experience - Human Resources/Internal Investigator

  • Oregon Health & Science University, School of Medicine
  • Legacy Health System
  • Hollywood Entertainment (Hollywood Video)

Work Contexts

  • Private, corporate, for profit, non-profit and public sectors
  • Union and non-union environments
  • Large and small organizations
  • Healthcare, academic and retail sectors
  • Advising executives, physicians, faculty/academic leaders, students and a wide range of represented and non-represented employees.

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